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Mahomes for Kamara?

I am in a redraft league where we get two keepers. Full point PPR, 6 point passing TD. 12 teams

I am currently keeping CMC with a first round pick.

I also plan on keeping Mahomes for a 9th round pick, but was offered Kamara for him who is a 6th round pick.

So would you rather have Kamara for a 6th to pair up with CMC or Mahomes for a 9th to pair up with CMC.

Any help is appreciated.

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I would take the deal. Rolling into the season with Kamara and CMC.


Thanks Willis

Assuming this is a 1-QB League, I agree with @fun4willis

Gotta snag @SuperKamario!

Take Kamara. He gets so many passes and their OL is strong. Mahomes, I would actually take Wilson over him. He is going to be throwing a lot more from reports and has the weapons and can still run some.

Yes, 1 QB league. Thanks.

on the other hand, what if Kamara has another year like last year. Mahomes is a sure play!

I get the alure of AK but for me it’s Mahomes. He has a way longer career and IMHO the ‘QBs do not matter’ rhetoric does not apply to Mahomes. In any other case I would agree, but Mahomes will carry you for a decade plus. AK, good as he is, certainly will not.

I do not hate it, but I’m taking the Mahomes side on this one. Particularly sitting on CMC already.

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Interesting view points. Thanks for sharing. Nothing against Mahomes. He’s obviously great! @jakeb21 mentioned that this is a keeper league, so I have no considerations beyond 2020.

That said, if there is any lack of confidence in Karmara then I’m super happy to take advantage of the market.

His 2019 results were less than ideal. However, I believe they can almost entirely be derived from injury.

(Source = https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/alvin-kamara/)

2019 game stats
(Source = https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KamaAl00.htm)

2019 Red Zone Touches:
(Source = https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/alvin-kamara/)

Admittedly TD’s for Kamara were down in the first 6 weeks. However, after returning from injury he was not the same player. In general fewer attempts, fewer receptions, and less efficient with given opportunities.

I’m not willing to project 2020 or future years on 2019 alone due to injury.

Rather, it makes more sense to me to create future evaluation based on 2018 and 2017.
(Source = https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KamaAl00.htm)

2018 Red zone touches:
(Source = https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/alvin-kamara/)


That’s some quality info right there.

In redraft, what first round RBs would you draft Kamara over?
Only RBs I’d take Kamara over would be Cook, Henry, Chubb etc etc- CMC, Saquon, Zeke or the only ones I wouldn’t.

I’ve heard talk of some analysts picking him over Saquon- and I’ve heard others staying away.

Wow. This is great stuff guys. I really appreciate it.

Yeah, he’s #4. There is a wide gap between him and 5 too IMO.

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What are the keeper rules? Would you be able to keep Mahomes indefinitely in the 9th round? or would there be penalties in later years?

Too be clear, I am not worried about AK for injury. My stance was purely long term value. I love AK, but with CMC he is not quite as needed. At some point they will not be playing but Mahomes will still be slinging. Especially after this monster contract.

My play was to spread out the wealth and take the best player at two positions.

Your breakdown on AK tracks with me, which is why I have him top 5 RB for 2020. Last year was really more TD fluke than anything else for him.

@fun4willis with the hot fire!!! My eyebrows are singed after reading that. :fire: