Mahomes/Kamara for Dalvin Cook/Golladay

I know it sounds lopsided on paper, but hear me out. Mostly due to me making some excellent trades and playing the waiver wire like a fiddle, I’ve currently got both Deshaun Watson and Pat Mahomes as well as Sequan Barkley, Kamara, and tevin Coleman for RBs. I’m fairly weak at Wideout though, with Thielen as my WR1 and a smattering of waiver wire fodder filling in as WR2.

Essentially, I’d like to flip Mahomes to shore up my wide receiver corps and it looks like the best (and really only) offer I’ve gotten is Mahomes/Kamara for Dalvin Cook/Golladay. I’m very hesitant to send away my boy Super Kamario but Cook seems to be a a great option in return.

Essentially, is this good for me? I need the help at wideout but it feels like I’m essentially trading Mahomes for Golladay and I’m not sure how I feel about it.