Mahomes or Aaron Jones

I am in a keeper league. PPR and 6 points per TD pass. We get two keepers.

I am keeping CMC with a first round pick. My other two best options are Mahomes for an 11th or Aaron Jones for a 12th.


As someone who likes to amass RB’s I think I’d go against my tendencies and keep Mahomes. Though he probably won’t throw 50tds again he is an amazing talent. If you are in love with A. Jones you might be able to get him in the second round depending on your draft spot / budget.

Yeah. I like AJ, but Williams is still around and showed good down the stretch last year. I could see that turning into a timeshare in what will always be a pass-first offense. Mahomes is the man. It’s just hard to wrap my head around keeping a QB.

Though Williams is still there I do think things will change under their new head coach. He has a track record of producing top notch RBs and we’ve seen what AJ does with carries compared to Williams. - Jamaal Williams Highlights
He is a solid back but doesn’t stand out in any area - Aaron Jones HIghlights
Aaron has above average speed, balance, and hands. If he is healthy I believe he will get 15 touches a game and end up as a Kamera-lite

Where would you be picking in the 1st if you didn’t keep CMC?