Mahomes or Jimmy G

What should I do? This is a dynasty league I’m the team giving up Mahomes.! I need some WR depth Screenshot_20190810-113817|281x500

This a dynasty league? Either way, I like it. I’m guessing it is if Deebo is involved.

If it’s a redraft, then Deebo doesn’t factor much to me because I dont think he will do much year 1, but DJ is a big upgrade over Damian Williams. I do believe Patrick Mahomes will take a dip down to high-30 TD’s, maybe throw 40, but what you’re getting back in RB help as well as a WR1 in Robby on an offense that is going to be better, I think it’s a good trade for you.

Even if Jimmy doesn’t work out well, the QB position is very streamable. RB isn’t, so it’d be nice to have that solid foundation with DJ where you dont know if you’re gonna get it with Damian yet.

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Thank you bro & yes it is a dynasty league PPR.