Mahomes or Lamar keeper

I am debating who to keep, I think Lamar is the better value choice. BUT should I keep Patty Mahomes (1st rd keeper) or Lamar (13th rd keeper)? Also can have Aaron Jones (3rd rd keeper) and Tyreek Hill (2nd rd keeper) that I want to keep. So if I go Mahomes and those 2 I would have my first pick towards the back end of round 4 (10 team league)

And we can’t tell who is keeping who until AFTER we submit our keepers so I won’t be able to tell who’s available in the early rounds before I make this choice. For all I know every RB1 is going to be kept. What’s the move here?

Mahomes. You can’t beat the ultimate QB 1. Ravens WR look bad. Lamar’s gonna be going against a stacked box.