Mahomes or Rodgers?

Going into the 2019 Draft for 12 man half PPR two keeper league I have the following:

Should I see if I can take Mahomes with a 3rd rounder or Rodgers with a 4th is possible? What would be the greater value for my team?

I think you can get rodgers after the 4th after his down year. If he falls to the 5th, I might be willing to pull the trigger but personally, I don’t draft QBs before the late single digit rounds. Especially now where the position is so deep. In single QB, there are like 21 QBs i’d be totally fine with starting on a week to week basis. Even more for streaming. Much rather draft skilled positions that early.

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This year especially… there’s a half dozen QB’s that are going to go in the 8-13 round range that could be top 5 at the position. I’m not spending a pick on a QB unless things get REAL weird.

of the two, I prefer Rodgers this year myself BUT truthfully I’m not drafting a QB early… It’s the most tried and true fantasy commandment - there’s always value late in the draft at QB…

I am not usually a fan of drafting a QB early, but if you Rodgers is there in the 4th round I would grab him. First, I like him better than Mahomes this year. Second, with Hopkins and 5 3rd round picks he would be your 7th pick, so it is almost like taking Rodgers in the 7th round. I am ok taking him there, or even maybe with your last 3rd round pick if you really want to make sure you get him.