Mahomes or Smith

In this matchup (I’m on the Right), do you think I need to risk it for the hr with Mahomes or play it safe with Smith? Same question could go for my WR2 with Going safe with Kupp or HR with Pettis? Thanks (PPR)

Your WR situation is a bit grim for sure so you definitely need some upside. Having said that, I don’t think it’s necessarily worth the risk. You would basically need mahomes to put up like 300+ yards and 3TDs which honestly, smith can do just as easily vs that Indy defense. I also like the smith/CT stack quite a bit, helps offset the Cousins/Diggs stack slightly.

There’s gotta be a better K available though right? No way Vinatieri is the best play here. If Ghould is available, I’d much prefer him.

Also, Jimmy Graham sucks ass so you’ll probably outscore him there by at least 10 points with Gronk.

Your RBs beat his by a country mile.

OBJ/Diggs > you but honestly, I love Kupp and if Gordon is fully back in now, good shot he scores a TD too.

ALso, Freeman is going to do well this week. I expect around 80-90 yards with a TD.

Smith > Cousins this week as well.

I’d stick with what you got there.

Thanks man gave me a lot more confidence and honestly I like vinateri did well last week, and with luck getting the offense at least into enemy territory a bunch, good chance for increase in fgs like he has when luck was last healthy and playing, I hate kickers so much lol

I think the big diff with vinateri between last week and this week is that last week, they were home favorites. This week, they are MASSIVE road underdogs at -6. Washington’d D is actually pretty legit and their pass rush is sneaky good after getting jonathan allen back vs a colts Oline that quite frankly, sucks ass.

I could see this game getting into a situation where they trail by 2 TDs and are just chasing the entire game which doesn’t give Vinateri an opportunity to even kick field goals. My general rule of thumb for kickers is to avoid bad weather and road teams, especially when they are underdogs.

Sturgis? Vs buf

That could work. Other options are:

Succup (tennessee), Denver, Jets, 49ers, detroit, packers, ATL, all work.

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