Mahomes or watson week 5?

Mahomes against Jacksonville
Watson against Dallas

Also if I were to trade one which one would you trade (leaning towards trading watson) and what do you think I could get for them. Could use a consistently solid rb

You can’t sit Mahomes, he’s just too good right now. He does play the Jags, but think about this. The Jaguars have not truly been tested yet. They lost to Tennessee when the Titans were beat up, beat the Giants opening day, beat the Patriots before they actually start trying every season, lol. And they beat the Jets last week but could even force a turnover out of Darnold. As a Jets fan I was very surprised about that. They play in KC too which is big, home field always makes a difference.

It could be a disaster, but I wouldn’t take the chance on sitting him. And Dallas isn’t half bad on defense either. I like keeping 2 qb’s myself. Wait for an offer, you never know.

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Probably Dallas. They don’t have sean lee and lee drives that offense.

If I were to trade one, I would trade Mahomes. His value will never be higher than what it is now and Watson is a more than serviceable fantasy QB.

When I have the choice of 2 elite QBs, I’ll typically trade whichever one has higher value to get a better skilled position player. You can probably trade mahomes right now for something close to a low end WR1/RB1 or high end WR2/RB2 and I’ll take that every day.

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Both very good points I do like the fact the chiefs are at home. But idk though decision.