Mahomes SF Trade

A team has reached out about Jonathan Taylor. We have been in talks and this trade is on the board. This is a SF league. My team is below. This would also give me a Mahomes/Tyreek stack. Henry is older and could be irrelevant in 2 years, but getting Mahomes would be huge in SF. WHo knows if Burrow will be the same after that injury. Thoughts?

I send: Burrow and Jonathan Taylor
I get: Mahomes and Derrick Henry

QB: Burrow, Roethlisberger, Jones, Walker
RB: Cook, Taylor, Hunt, Mattison, Hines, X Jones
WR: Hill, Chark, Lockett, D. Johnson, Shepard, T Marshall, Kirk, P. Williams, V Jefferson
TE: Andrews, Kmet, Jarwin, Trautman

I’d take the trade. The mahomes-hill stack could be nuts!

Yeah man I would do that trade in a heartbeat