Mahomes Trade

Is it reasonable/too much to offer Lamar & Freeman for Mahomes (.5 PPR, 4 Pass TD)?

CMC, Ekkler, A Jones, Freeman, Melvin Gordon are my other RBs and Lamar is my only QB

I would prefer the Mahomes side of the trade.

There is no chance the Mahomes owner would consider that.
The guy looks like a weekly winner and unstoppable. Lamar has had 2 very weak defenses against him.

Freeman has been junk, so I don’t see the guy accepting. To answer your question it’s not nearly enough let alone too much

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Think it would take at least Lamar and Eckler. I personally would hold onto Lamar.

You will not get Mahomes off anyones team with L. Jackson and your worst RB. It would probably have to be a 3 player trade including L. Jackson, A. Ekeler, and a decent receiver swap.