Mahomes trade🤷‍♂️

Mahomes or Dak and A Cooper stack

Wow. I am a Mahomes MANIAC this season–he was pretty good BEFORE they went out and built an iron wall around the pocket, and now I expect him to set records. With a 17 game season, 6000/60 is on the table for Mahomes.

But Dak is the one QB who CAN rival Mahomes. Those first four games last year before he got hurt? 450 yards… 472 yards and 3 TDs… 502 yards and 4 TDs… An average of 353 yards and 3.5 TDs will take you to 6000/60 over a 17 game season.

AND you get a top 20 WR on top? You gotta take that, even with Dak’s return from injury uncertain after the shoulder setback.