Mahomes value?

I am in a 6 point per passing touchdown Dynasty league and I just acquired Aaron Rodgers. I need some advice on what to do with my QB position.

I have Rodgers and Mahomes. I believe Mahomes is going to have a great year with the offense he has around him. Should I trade Mahomes for value or do I hold him.

If you think trade, what type of player should I expect in return?

Thanks in advance!

I hold onto him unless you can get great value

Mahomes is mostly hype at this point which is great, but what if he blows up this year and you miss out on even greater value? Worst case scenario he busts and you find a new QB in the next 5 years to supplant ARod

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Well, worst case is you don’t trade him for something valuable, his value tanks, and you cut him for nothing. Not that that’s the end of the world.

yep, just hold tight. his hype value is still pretty low for most people. as he is the 16th QB off the board in a PPR redraft, and only 4 spots better in dynasty. he has the potential to be a top 5 guy for a long time, and if he hits that then you have yourself a real powerful trade weapon. right now you could get something decent, but you can get more. even if he doesnt do QB1 good, the hype on the throws he will end up making in season will send his value up. you lose very little by waiting. better yet, if he is a world breaker, now you have rodgers on a shorter career to trade for probably more than you would get for mahomes.