Mahomes Woes

Mahomes owner. Went out and grabbed Darnold (great matchups ahead) on waivers, as soon as he left the game. Then, got this trade offer today: Trade away Kamara for K.Murray/JuJu/C.Thompson.

What do you guys think?

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Man, that’s rough. Unless Kamara’s injury is trending down I’d have a really hard time letting that dude go. He’s a work horse on a sick offense that’s getting Drew back.

It depends on your roster needs and personal philosophy.

JuJu doesn’t have chemistry with any QB and he’s great. But he’s not a #1.
Thompson got injured and he plays for WSH. Gross.
Murray’s been getting it done for fantasy and they’ll have to throw.

Personally, I think you’re being targeted as desperate. If there’s enough pickins’ of QBs on the wire, and you have the Spleen, I’d say keep Kamara and work off matchups. Darnold does look good

Yep, totally agree with every point.

In my mind, I’ve solved my temporary QB problem. Darnold looked good against a tough matchup last week and has a cake schedule looking ahead 6 weeks (Mia - twice!, Cin, Was … really) if Mahomes injury drags. Thompson … meh. So, I’m basically getting JuJu for Kamara. Brees is coming back, Big Ben isn’t. Kamara’s injury is worrisome (did he practice today, haven’t heard?), and his matchups ahead are tough, but still…

I was a hard no (i tend to be trade adverse, especially opportunistic trades with poison pills, post-injury), but I did a few online trade analyzers and they all said yes (wtf?). Wanted to make sure I wasn’t out of my mind.

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I hear ya. Those trade analyzers are bots aren’t they? All numbers, no eye balls.

Yes any injury to a RBs ankle is never good, and he didn’t practice today so he’s probably out. And if he’s not he should be. So I’m just betting on Kamara’s work ethic. He’s still young, and provided they manage it right he’ll heal well and provide more stable long term value than that package. Good Luck this week!

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