Major trade need opinions

I would be giving up Conner, Coleman, stafford, and Golladay


Brees, Green, and Elliot…

This is after the news of freeman being placed on IR…

Which side wins this trade?

Post bump,

I’d take Conner over Zeke all day long. I’m not a Zeke fan. Green and golladay are putting up about the same numbers in fantasy. It’s a tossup really. I like Conner but that stupid Bell crap scares me. That’s a tough call man. How solid is the rest of your lineup

Knowing what we know about Freeman on the IR. I’d say no.

You’re giving up Connor who will be the beneficiary of any “lev bell” hiccups in his return and Coleman who’s the new confirmed number 1 for just Zeke. I’m hesitant.

I see Green as a slight upgrade from Golladay just due to the congestion issue in Detroits wideouts. Golladay fights with Jones who fights sometimes with Tate and when they all feast, it’s meager pickings. Green and Boyd are awesome together, and they don’t really eat at each others routes much

I just don’t see this balancing out for you. Obvs Brees is an upgrade, but Zeke is a solid 20 fantasy pts behind Conner and it shows. Cowboys are struggling despite the beatdown they laid upon the jags this weekend.

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I’d take it in a heartbeat. I don’t know if these other guys are lower on bell or what, but when bell does come back, and he will by week 10 (playoffs), Conner will be fantasy irrelevant. The Steelers will still becpaying bell 850k a week, and they’re not going to do that for a committee back. In other words, from my eyes you’d be giving up a couple weeks of production from Conner, where he may outscore zeke, for zeke for the rest of the season

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This is where I’m leaning… Elliot is safer and he can turn it on at any moment as well. Green for golladay and Coleman and stafford for brees… my side of the deal sounds like a lot of fantasy points based on my other starters.

Knowing this, sure take it. what’s your record?

I’m 4-2… made a few start sit mistakes weeks 1 and 3

Then you’re fine. Go for it.

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Appreciate the insight man!

This is an absolutely easy trade to accept. As much as I love Golladay,

Green >Golladay
Brees > Stafford
Elliott > Conner + Coleman

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Give me Green and Elliot all day long.

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Especially with your roster format (interesting, ive never seen that set up before) you win this deal 100%

As a fellow Conner (and Bell) owner the situation in Pitt scares the crap out of me. Zeke you know what you are getting - and that is the cowboys entire offense

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The guy is seriously considering this offer… he’s 0-6 and is wanting a roster overhaul… luckily I had Coleman when the freeman news broke today.

I will let everyone know how this ends up. Thank you for the insight and opinions.

Well boys… we got it done!!