Make a move for Evans?

The Evans owner has Godwin as well.

He also has Gallup/Cobb, and Crowder/Anderson, so lots of WR team stacks.
His one weakness may be at RB depth (McCaffrey, Fournette, McCoy - that’s it).

I’ve got:

Howard (PHI)
Hyde (HOU)
John Brown (BUF)
Marquise Brown (BAL)
Malcom Brown (LAR)

Should I make a move for Evans, and if so, who?

The problem is his weakness is not your strength. You might be able to pair Lockett and Montgomery together but that leaves you starting Howard or Hyde which aren’t the best options.

Yeah, I’m not very deep at RB either which I’m working on.

But maybe I can sell him on Lockett/Westbrook for Evans?

Back to back bad weeks for Evans, and having Godwin (and solid WR depth), could make him willing to go for it.

Worth a shot?

That would be a trade you could offer that didn’t cut into your RB depth but I am not sure Lockett (only 2 targets last week) and Westbrook (lost his starting QB) is going to do it.

No hurt in trying though…

Fair enough. Figure it’s worth throwing it out there, if he bites then I hopefully come out big.

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