Make a Move?

Trade deadline Friday, I’m 7-3 (2nd place) 14 team standard my roster is as follows:

QB: Herbert

RB: Chubb, Mixon, CEH, and a couple handcuffs

WR: Diggs, MT, Diontae Johnson, Tee Higgins, Lazard

TE: Hooper

I feel like I should grab an upgrade at rb with Mixons health and my depth at WR.

My only suggestion would be to maybe package Mixon and Johnson to get a slight upgrade at RB but maybe take a downgrade at WR. Cause after this week Diggs and MT are your starters every week regardless of matchups. I don’t think you need to trade but i feel that Mixon and Johnson are your most expendable pieces to get a really good RB.

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Gonna bump this up here.