Make a package for Kareem Hunt?

This is my roster what package should I throw at him. He has a Wr on bye week.


I’d say send him Mixon and Tate or Cooper or DJ and Gordon and see if you can get some discussion going. My guess is you’ll need more than that, because if I owned Hunt I would be hard pressed to sell him.

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He has a losing record so it might work. I’ll try those packages and see if it works. Thanks

Always possible to buy from a losing team. Go for it then.

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As a Hunt owner there’s not a lot on your team I’d let him go for. Would have to be Michel + Mixon or something crazy like that, but if he’s desperate, maybe you can scam him!

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The key is to hit the hunt owners when the owners get goosed like week 1

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Idk…To get a stud you really have to have some sort of buy low window. A losing team should want to part with players that are the reasons they are losing. Hunt is not that. Maybe they would trade him if desperate enough after week 11 with a week 12 bye, but probably not before that.

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I think this is a reasonable asking price right now. It’s next to impossible to get a stud that’s consistently (over)producing. The only way to get Hunt now is to overpay. If I wanted to pursue a stud RB1 right now, I wouldn’t even consider going after Hunt.

I wouldn’t. He’s going to be too expensive right now. Any interest in going after Zeke instead?

I’d personally argue that you should be targeting another WR, not RB. DJ, Chubb, Mixon, Coleman, and Michel is an insanely deep roster at the RB position.

However, if you want to do this, I’d throw him DJ and Tate and see what he does. However, Idk if I’d want to be giving away any WR besides Sutton given the depth you have at that position.

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You could also see if he’s tempted by the wonderful name of Gronk… Package him and DJ.

Yeah I agree here you have plenty of rb depth you should package one of your rbs and get a solid wr 1/2