Make a splash

I want to swing big and make my team dominant. What type of player would I reasonably be able to return in a trade package sending out Doug Baldwin & Joe Mixon? I have David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Larry Fitzgerald, Stefon Diggs as my top 4 core players. Would that get me someone like Zeke? Odell? Gronk? Any help/advice is accepted. Full PPR, 10 team league.

You shouldn’t be able to get Zeke, but you can try. Odell is interesting. Not sure if you’d get him or not (redraft, I assume?). You certainly wouldn’t in dynasty. I’m also not 100% sure I’d want that trade. I’m very high on both Baldwin and Mixon.

Why not try for Gurley or Bell?

Those would be ideal, but I was curious if that was a reasonable thought for the value of mixon and baldwin