Make a trade or be patient

Ok I’m been going back and forth on weather I should upgrade my WRs (Cooper, Godwin, Tyrell Williams, and Fitz) or QBs ( K. Allen, Cousins, Bridgwater, Brisset) for on of my RBs ( Cook, Conner, Ingram, Fournette). Its a full ppr with a flex and super flex league (2qbs). I like having 4 solid backs just in case one goes down but part of me feels I should make a move, and if so who would u target. I’m currently 1 - 2

You probably just got bad breaks on those losses, because you have a solid roster. There is some volatility to the RBs with the injury history but nothing to lose sleep over. There will be a waiver darling at some point this year so be frugal with your FAAB or waiver priority

That’s a very good point…thanks for advice and input

Robert Woods is averaging 8.2 pts/game
Sony Michel is averaging 7.0 pts/game

Henry is averaging 18 pts/ game

My bad wrong post

Lol all good

I’d be willing to flip Conner for a solid QB1… your WRs are fine