Make any moves?

Looks like I will make the playoffs so trying to see if I should make any moves as deadline is in a few days. PPR

Matt Ryan , Burrow

Mixon, Sanders, Carson , Taylor, Duke

Adams, Kennan Allen, McLaurin, Jefferson

Fant, Goedart.


Bumping please. Thanks

Only thing you could do to that roster to improve it would be a slight upgrade on RB and QB, but you’d have to give up depth that you really don’t need to give up, unless you can sling a really good deal for a player like Henry, Jones, Brady, or a player like that


If Mixon is back soon you’re in decent shape. Even if he isn’t you’ll just lean on mclaurin or Jefferson a bit more. Bit of rb depth and you’re going in to playoffs with a squad that has a chance. Duke maybe gets a bit better score in a game where the weather isn’t such a factor.

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Any examples of a trade you guys might try and do.

There is a guy that has both Herbert and Mahomes and flip flops using both sometimes. I have tried but he won’t give up Mahomes even though he won’t make the playoffs I don’t think.

Or was thinking of maybe going after someone like Monty as he has a great upoming schedule for Taylor. …

Is there anyone that has a shot a playoffs but is constantly starting a waiver gamble? Look at their second or third option and give them a couple startable options.

You’re interested in monty, what does his team need and what is his situation? He’d be a target to look at

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Have a guy looking to trade Mahomes or Herbert as he has both.

Don’t want to give up too much but I know he wants an RB . Not sure what to offer or just roll with what I have.

Depends on how many players you can start, and also how many teams are in your league, but to give you some insight I’m in (literally) almost an identical situation as you. In my league we play 10-team and 2 flex. My team:

RB: Mixon Sanders Carson
WR: Hopkins, AJ Brown, McLaurin

I’m considering right now moving Carson and McLaurin for Aaron Jones and Robert Woods (I actually opened another thread on this lol).

Basically trading for 2 of the best playoff schedules by position and moving away from this injury situation with Carson.

That said, I’m also pretty comfortable just staying with what I have. Each of these guys I with how my team is looking given that McLaurin is underrated but looking like a lock each week in my starting 6. Not sure the gap between Carson and jones is big enough to cover the gap between McLaurin and woods.

So my point is, I think you’re team is set up well and you shouldn’t trade unless you’re getting something worthwhile. This is a really balanced team. I even have Fant too lol.

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12 team PPR and we start 2 RB, 2WR and a Flex.

He put a message out that trade deadline is in 2 days and both Mahomes and Herbert are available so was looking at possibly upgrading without giving up too much.

Anyone else. Thanks