Make one of these WR trades?

I need a true WR1. Considering some trade ideas. Who would you target? I can move the following pieces:

RB: Jacobs, Carson, Gibson, McKinnen
WR: Chark, Moore, Deebo, Justin Jefferson
TE: Jonnu, Fant

Michael Thomas (send TE, WR, flex RB - last place teams only good player (has Mike Davis, but not CMC), needs TE)
Golladay or Allen Robinson (send RB1 and WR, try to get Gaskin with)
DeVante Parker or Kupp (send TE+WR)
Lockett or Robby Anderson (send Gibson & WR?)

Help FootClan!

I think your final idea of either Lockett or Anderson hurts your team the least while gaining a quality player. I think i would try and do Moore and Gibson to try and get Anderson, as that rids you of the headache of the ups and downs of Moore and lets you play the wait-and-see game with Deebo/Chark/Jefferson for the WR2 role.

I don’t think you can afford Thomas unless your willing to send Jonnu and Carson for him, i’m a Thomas owner and despite being in last place i wouldn’t give up my best asset unless i get 2-3 quality starters. Golladay and Robinson would just be a trade of your RB1 for a WR1 and IMO RB1’s are more valuable.

Lockett isn’t a true WR1, more like a high end WR2 which is fine but i think Anderson gets you the best value.

Thanks for the input!

My thinking was that if I could get Gaskin (they have Mixon & James Robinson too), then my downgrade from Jacobs or Carson isn’t that bad compared to my upgrade at WR, but I agree that RB1 is the better commodity.

Any chance I can get some more help from the foot clan?

If you can convince the Thomas owner to take McKinnon as your flex RB I’d do that for sure.

But if not then I second getting Anderson for Gibson and another WR