Make some moves with WRs

12 team PPR

Looking to make some moves to get ready for the final push, trying to target another strong RB preferably. I’ve got:

Saquon, Monty, Howard, and DJ

Julio, Evans, AJ Green, McLauren, Dede, Parker, Pascal, and A Tate

Obviously got a wealth of WRs so looking to cash in for a RB, and I feel the byepocalypse is a good time to do so.

Team rosters will differ ofcourse, but what RBs/players should/could I target for who?

You could try to swing AJ and Monty for Jacobs but i doubt the owner would go for it. Anothe roption would be Jacobs (or another high end RB1) for Evans straight up, risky since evans has been playing so well but weve seen him disappear when Godwin cashes in big.

Yeah I’ve tried targeting Jacobs (my top target) a few times before, especially after his bad week, owner wasn’t biting unfortunately. He’s got Henry and Lindsay too, with Hill, Robinson, Kelce, Sanders, and Sanu, sitting at 3rd place, so he’s not really interested.

Bell/Coleman (same owner) are my next targets. Could also shoot for Kamara, since that owner is hurting at depth for both RB and WR - maybe Howard + Pascal (he’s got Hilton) + Green/Terry?