Make this trade or no? Please help!

Giving Edelman
Getting Mark Ingram

Rest of the team is
Matt Ryan
Bell, James white, Guice, Peterson, jalen Richard, Jordan Howard (so rbs are pretty weak)
Juju, Edelman, mike Williams, Pettis, tyrell Williams (receivers would get a little weak but this is also a two wr league with a flex)

I would make this trade its fair and you can handle the loss of edelamn but need the boost at rb wouldnt feel great hoping guice hits

I personally wouldn’t do this. Ingram is a fine player but I don’t see him having a high ceiling. I think your RB’s will be fine with White (as long as it’s PPR) and Guice who I think will be a top 20 RB and be just as good as Ingram by the end of the year. Trading Edelman away gives you 1 great WR, one okay WR (but still somewhat unproven), and 2 below average receivers. I’d rather roll with Juju and Edelman at your WR’s and assume either White or Guice is going to have a decent year.

Yeah I agree losing Edelman isn’t what I really want I just feel white is more of a flex then an rb 2 with how crowded the backfield is. I know he’s a pass catching rb and it is ppr which is why I drafted him but I don’t know I feel like he won’t be as good as last year. And guice I really really like but of course is unproven at this point. I don’t know I may hold off I’m stressed!! Lol

I would hold off.Edelman is bradys most consistent target year after year.

I would not do it. Ingram does not have a high ceiling

Thanks a lot guys I’m gonna hold off