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Make this trade or not? 12 team .5 ppr


ty mongumery for crowder and rob kelley

I get ty.

My rbs are lev bell, hunt, zeke, and kelley
My wr are amari cooper, tyreek hill, allen robinson, crowder, and kenny britt.


I just traded in my league Ameer Abdullah and Eric Decker for Ty. I think he is going to blow up this season given the offense that he is on. Having said that I think this trade leaves you thin at WRs. You already have Bell and Hunt who both are going to be outstanding and whenever zeke plays he will as well.


Yeah that’s what im afraid of. Crowder is like my safety net with the rest of my recievers being all risk but high ceilings. I think TY is gonna go off and I feel like i want a piece of that.

Oh i forgot to mention we play 2 flex per week. Not sure if that makes a difference but it makes holding more rbs more viable.

If i got rid of him id prolly grab amandola, lafell, or kendall wright but again i feel like id be fishing for upside.


You should definitely do this trade. Ty is gonna be legit this year, and he’ll be your solid flex (or flex 2) play from week to week. Bell, Zeke, Hunt, and Montgomery ?! That’s unstoppable! Think about it this way - Who’s the better play in your flex? Crowder or Monty?
Sure, Crowder has a solid floor but you can also expect Britt to have a comparable floor too b/c the Browns will be in a lot of negative game scripts this season which means you can chalk up a similar volume; Britt was also actually pretty efficient on the Rams despite them being a run 1st offense - volume + efficiency is what gives wrs a solid floor, and chance for a decent ceiling for that matter. So Britt and Crowder are going to be pretty similar from a fantasy outlook this season which makes him an expendable piece of your team.
Now, Rob Kelley is the more interesting piece IMO - Samaje hasn’t flashed in preseason but we’ve seen that he can do everything that kelley can do and he’s an actual athlete, so… i see this turning into a rbbc by week 4 where fat rob will be the td vulture (a less efficient Jeremy hill). With that in mind selling Kelley now makes sense.
The trade is a bit in favor of the person getting crowder/kelley if you look at it in a vacuum, but, given your team i think it makes sense to push for monty - if you can get monty and someone else for crowder/kelley then that’d be ideal but if not i’d still take it.