Make this trade or not?

10 team half ppr

My team is:

QB: Mariota
RB: Bell, Gurley, Elliot, Gillislee, Perkins
WR: M. Thomas, Crabtree, Diggs, Watkins, Snead, M. Jones
TE: Ertz

I’ve been offered Jordy Nelson and Adam Thielen for Crabtree, Gillislee and Sammy Watkins

Should I do the deal or not? I’d be losing depth but the only starter I switch is Crabtree for Nelson.

I’d say pull the trigger. You’re getting a bona fide WR1 to pair with Michael Thomas. Your RBs are already stacked that you really don’t even need Gillislee. The fact that the Pats backfield is such a mix up it can be up or down with Gillislee each week and you probably wouldn’t even play him over Bell, Elliot, and Gurley. Thielen should be decent also. Yeah, you give up Crabtree and Watkins but Watkins will have Goff throwing to him and he’s an injury risk anyway. You’d be deadly with Thomas/Jordy and still have some depth anyway with Diggs and Theilen. Maybe try to pick up Kupp if you do this, as he looked like Goff’s favorite target in preseason and that could add more depth.


So your lineup would be:
Bell, Elliot
Thomas. Nelson
Then you grab Thielen as flex…

Id say go for it!!

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It’s an upgrade all around. You are basically trading crabtree for jordy, since you would probably never actually start gilly and sammy will be benched most of the time for you as well. So yeah I do it. Plus, don’t forget about the depth you will get from the waiver wire.

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Giving up Gillslee look like only downside… but you have Bell and Elliot…

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Yeah I agree with everyone here I’d go for it if I were you!

I would do this without hesitation.