Making a double Wr trade. Advice?

Would you trade Kenny Stills and Marvin Jones for Kenny Golladay and Jarvis Landry. Standard league?

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Yes the team that gets Kenny and Landry wins. Marvin has just missed on some huge TD plays but Golladay is here to stay.

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a million percent without hesitation. landry/golladay side blows the other side away.

Kenny G and Landry are the 2 best wr’s in this deal

Would you rather have Antonio Calloway or Landry?

landry by a long shot

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I would take Kenny and Landry in a heartbeat Landry looks like a different Wr with Mayfield at QB.

this is a tough one. i think you gotta stick with stills and jones. they are good guys

they might be good guys but theyre not as good of players on the field as landry and golladay right now.