Making a Last Minute 12 team half PPR League

Saw a similar post today that filled up within 10 hours. Hopefully the same happens here. Inviting friendly but serious fantasy players to 12 man ESPN .5 PPR ESPN league. Looking to draft September 4, 7:00 pm EST

  • Scoring is standard (except .5PPR)
  • 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 2FLX, 1DEF, 6 Bench, there is 1 additional injured reserve bench slot (NO KICKERS)
  • 2 divisions, 6 team playoffs, Top two teams will receive a BYE week. Playoffs start week 14 and end week 16
  • Waiver wire adds are done with FAB (fantasy auction bucks) 100 fab start

25$ to play. 200$ will go to first place and 75$ to second place, and $25 to third place of the playoffs. You will need send me the money through Venmo or PapPal. Once the fee is paid I will send you an invite for the ESPN league. The point of this league is for all levels of players to have fun and enjoy the season. Hopefully we find a good group of people and make this a recurring league! leave your E-mails and I will get back to you.

First come first serve :slight_smile:

I’m in!

ok awesome! Including myself, you are person #3

Count me in

I am in

Im in.
my mates also keen

is there still room for 1 more in this league before I send my buy-in? Thank you.

Any openings left?

My only thing would be maybe you could use LeageSafe instead of holding all the money yourself…

same here. any spots left? just started this footclan leagues thing and the other guy used leaguesafe and it does look pretty secure. i may be available to join if any spots are open and hopefully only up to 12 managers.

Any room left?

Any spots open?

I’d be interested as well. Any chance this happens through leaguesafe?

any room?

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for expressing interest. I have been talking to the first people that replied and we now have a leaguesafe account created and ESPN league ready to go. It looks like a couple people might be dropping out, so I’ll start sending emails to people on this thread to find replacements as needed if you still need.

I’m in. Email me @

Interested if there is still room -

Any room left?