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Making a podcast for my league


I’m the commissioner of my league and was wanting to record a weekly podcast. Something small, just like a review of the week. Anyone have any tips on how to go about this?


There are resources out there. I did one for a while, but quit due to lack of time. I do not have all of the resources available easily anymore, but with a bit of digging, I am sure you can get started.

Love the enthusiasm!


PodBean is an easy/quick/affordable host for that type of thing!


Love the idea.

I think the logistical side (recording, etc) is actually the easier side of this – both because you can learn and improve this over time and because you can start as simple as with the voice/audio recorder on your phone. (Most phone mics are pretty darn good these days.)

More work is probably necessary in putting together a structure for your episodes. Knowing what topics you’re going to hit and how much time you’ll spend on them will keep you from feeling like you’re reinventing the wheel each week. And setting up your episodes will be simpler and less of a burden.

Over time you can start working in more aspects of editing and sound effects, etc. But build the momentum and structure first before spending too much time on that.

That’s Mr. ButterFace’s quick thoughts. But, yeah, do whatever Andy says first. He’s professional grade. :rugby_football:


Structure / routine are so important.


Thanks for the advice. I asked my league mates if it would be something they would be interested in and they thought it was a cool idea. I’m even thinking about having some of them join me from week to week.


I currently do a live facebook video on our group chat on facebook. It’s been really good and the league looks forward to it! I recommend it!