Making moves - who do you drop?

Looking to pickup Marvin Jones - Would you drop Will Fuller or drop Metcalf? (I also have Hill, Cooper, and Green, so barring any more injuries, I could hold on until Fuller returns)

Need to pick up a QB for Bye week - targeting Stafford - I have Darren Waller, probably fine to drop Delanie Walker, yes? Only really holding in case something happens to Waller and to prevent others from picking him up at a shallow position (even if Walker hasn’t been good).

Worth holding on to the BAL defence? Or just targeting PIT or LAR for ROS?

Standard Scoring

Probably fuller? Don’t trust him to heal quickly. Also he’s sucked besides his big week

And also: pit D is legit

Fuller’s follow-up game had potential to be big but he had drops :confused:
So thinking the targets are there IF he returns.

And yeah, shooting for PIT def - ROS schedule looking real good. I am being a bit dumb by rostering 2 DEF, as I was waiting/hoping for BAL to get their stuff in order…but probably worth letting go if I can land PIT