Making the most of the B team. Pick a RB2 and Flex

Hey FootClan. So the Zeke-pocalypse has been just the latest of a series of unfortunate events to happen to me this year at RB. I’ve done everything I can on the waivers and unfortunately am in a league full of unwilling traders.
So this week I am left with some tough calls at RB2 and Flex in a .5 PPR league, here are my options.

Powell @ TB
Aaron Jones @ CHI
Morris @ ATL
Nelson @ CHI
Rudolph @ WAS

Right now I’m leaning Powell for my RB2 and am deciding between Morris or Rudolph for my flex. What are your thoughts guys?

Yeah I’d go Powell and Morris. Powell should be good with Forte out and Morris should get double digit touches and be the goal line back.