Making the tough playoff decision on Kamara

I made playoffs, wohoo! However, I am not all that convinced Kamara will give me what I’m after. My bench has Ekeler and Murray, and I’m in line to pick up Mostert. For the record, my RB2 is Fournette, who I’m very comfortable starting. My question is:

Continue trusting in Kamara in hopes that the playoff-winning breakout happens now? Or bench him for Mostert or even Ekeler, both players guaranteed an effective, offensive focus? I’m torn for obvious reasons.

Thanks for the help!

I’m in the Kamara or Mostert predicament as well unfortunately. I think if I had Ekeler, I would for sure play him over Kamara though. Especially if it is a PPR league, Ekeler becomes an easy plug and play.

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Man. So sad it’s come down to this right?

I’m in 0.5 PPR. He’s still put up better numbers than Kamara. Last week was a monster 30 points. I don’t expect that this week but with Rivers playing for his job, Ekeler’s receiving prowess sure looks tasty.