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Making Trades are my weakness


Mixon is my rb2 behind David Johnson. would you trade Mixon for Montgomery? id rather pair Riddick with someone else.
Heres what Ive got to work with…

Mixon, Riddick, AP, Prosise
Demaryius, Pryor, Crabtree, Gabriel (and AJ green but not worth montgomery


I wouldn’t feel comfortable with Mixon as my RB2 since he isn’t even starting yet so I’d consider it, yes.


I’d trade Mixon for Montgomery in a heartbeat. I think rookie RB’s in general are a little overhyped this year, probably due to recency bias from Zeke’s success last year. Mixon is probably in the murkiest situation this year with both Jeremy Hill and Gio taking away his snaps. If the situation stays as is, I don’t see Mixon putting up RB2 numbers. Having him slotted in as your RB2 week 1 is banking on the assumption that he’ll take over the job early which isn’t by any means guaranteed. Montgomery has legit RB1 upside and is the starter on a powerhouse offense, definitely a better option at this point.


So how about Mixon and Crabtree (or Pryor) for Montgomery and davante parker?


Unless you are in a rookie league or they are huge mixon fans you wont be able to get Montgomery for him. I think the Mixon Pryor for Monty and Parker is not bad. Crabtree would be over paying. Try mixon and pryor and see what happens