Malcolm brown trade

Some one in my league juste offered me HIS Malcolm Brown for MY Justice Hill. I think I would even though I love Hill upside if he gets the ball more. What yall think ?

Yeah I do that. Even if Hills upside is higher season-long, Brown is on a top offense and has a secure–and valuable–role already

I have Brandin Cooks as my WR2, would you still make the trade ? ?

Unless I’m not understanding your question, this is a RB-RB trade; I don’t think either affects Cooks

Would you drop Hill and pick up Brown off waivers? I have breida and white on bench, not that much depth.

@beske187 if you have no one else to drop, I would. Without depth, you need “now” guys.

I just wanted to know if by having Cooks and M.Brown on the same team would affect their value.

@quintana22 oh I gotcha lol my b, I’d be comfortable owning both, even starting both in a week if they’re my best options

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