Malcom Brown Timeshare or Mirage?

I’ve got a claim pending to drop Justice Hill for Brown, full PPR 12 team.

Is Brown a better roster than Hill to see what week 2 holds? I prefer Hill’s talent but If Brown actually gets split work and shares goaline its a no brainer and I’m out thinking myself right?!

Brown seems like an elite hold to me. One flair up for the knew or an awkward tackle to Tuddy Todd and Brown could be an RB1 imo

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Justice Hill has a lot more in front of him to see meaningful playing time, where brown saw 11 carries last game, with 2 TDs. He’s no lock to hog goal line work yet, but he has more standalone value and higher upside as an elite handcuff.

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Thanks guys, I went ahead and made the switch. Very interested to see Brown’s use this week, especially goaline/red zone touches

Sure thing James. Feel free to tweet questions any time @fiends247.

Took you up on that with a WR question! Thanks again

Brown is great handcuff to Gurley but won’t have those touchdowns or carries each week. Gurley still played a significant more amount of snaps and had over 100yds from scrimmage. Brown was less efficient but did have the goal line carries which weren’t really indicative of anything other than he will get the majority load if Gurley goes out. That’s a big if, because it looks like McVay is going to continue to ease him in to a workload. This week will answer a lot of questions. I don’t see Brown being valuable on a weekly basis unless Gurley goes down.

The Ravens who ran a ton might let Hill touch the rock a bit more as the season goes on. Ingram is already carrying a designation and we know the Ravens coach wants to play the hot hand. Hill will probably hold more value in the near term for his play ability in a committee that he might see more touches in the upcoming week.
That’s being said, I’m a Gurley owner and have stashed Brown. If I wasn’t a Gurley owner and could afford the spot, I might stash him too lol. Just don’t let it affect your depth though because Gurley has looked healthy after week 1.

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Good points well made, I can afford the stash so I’ve gone with Brown. This week will answer a lot of the questions we all have.

I still think Brown is good for 10-15 touches a week, big variance for game script IMO. The key will be the goaline and if they start blowing teams out, could be a Gus Edwards situation like last week for the Ravens.

Speaking of Edwards, I do think Hill (unless he has a splash play/score this week) can sit on the wire for a week or two and if Ingram goes down Edwards or Hill will be fine plays in an even timeshare. Edge to Hill in PPR but we’ve not seen enough from the new offense with targets to RBs yet after 1 week.

If Brown does anything this week though I’ll try and trade him to the Gurley owner for something or someone else super needy at RB. Then make a spot for someone like Hill. Possibly using Brown in a two for one trade.

If he does nothing though and i can’t swing a trade I’ll hold until I need to drop someone for a QB (I have Ryan) or TE (I have Engram) bye week, or if Hill or someone trends upwards in the next week or two.

My team is below for reference, based on that in Full PPR do you think hold Brown and try a trade, stash or stash Hill and wait for the breakout.

QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, Montgomery, Jones, Breida, Singletary, Brown
WRs - Allen, Thielen, Amari Cooper, Godwin, Tyrell Williams
TE - Engram
K - Gould
DST - Cowboys (Stream Weeks 1-3)

I have Ingram as my Flex (Kamara and Carson are my 1 & 2)…who would be the workhorse should something happen to him? Gus or Hill? I don’t want to clog my bench but both are available - or should I grab Penny as insurance for Carson? My bench includes Kyler, Curtis Samuel, Larry Fitz, DJax and Miles Sanders

In my view Hill has more upside in that event but I’m starting to think, certainly the carries, the lions share of touches would go to Gus at least right away.

If I’m dropping anyone from your bench it’s Kyler (depending on your starter) or Curtis (depending on your WR starters) but not for Penny at this stage

I like you holding on to Brown with your team. If he ends up getting more goal line carries then I’d definitely cash in on value as the Gurley owner is probably pissed he didn’t get him lol.
You’re definitely right about Hill though. You should be able to leave him on the wire and come back in a week or two to grab him.
Overall I like the plan. Brown will be valuable near and long term. Hill will take a bit of time to develop.

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Ha he is, he spent his waiver on AP and Brown got dropped afterwards so I cashed in!

Thanks for the added views, fingers crossed for a couple more TDs for Brown and I’ll get a solid return for him


Haha hopefully he leaves a couple out there for TGIII though, I need them lol.


I have Russ as my starter - was holding Kyler to see what he turns into. My WR’s are Thielen and Ridley

Pretty sure justice hill had 10 carries in his last game which was his debut? I think you can’t label what hill is yet after 1 game. That’s like labeling hockenson after his debut. We need a bigger sample size. Whereas with brown you know he isn’t going to take the starting position unless Gurley goes down.

10 carries on the rams are probably more valuable then 10 carries for the ravens.

Justice hill is still a question mark (potential to be a lead back by end of season or a bench warmer) whereas brown is the guy if Gurley goes down.

This feels like a gamble to me. Ingram is having shoulder problems, it’s a lay up game against the cardinals. This could be a recipe for a good week for hill. But who knows.

Definitely a gamble but if he doesn’t have room anywhere else, I’d hold onto the sure piece in Brown vs Hill who we’re still not sure about. You’re right about it potentially being a great game for him though based on how it should go.

I agree here it is a gamble but it’s really about research for both Brown and Hill.

Hill may just take a 50 yard screen to the house or get 10 extra garbage time carries in another cupcake for the Ravens. If he gets consistent touches all game I’ll be very interested, given Ingram’s age and shoulder issue already.

But Brown, if you happen to have the guy splitting touches with Gurley and those touches include goaline - for the Rams - at worse you may be looking at a flex play or a serious trade chip by week 3. Plus if Gurley gives more touches to Brown or goes down to his knee condition you’ve got a potential league winner stashed.

I think for week 2, if Brown gets the same useage and useage around the goaline he’ll be the number 1 pick up for all teams, I’d rather have that on my bench. If he doesn’t and I like Hill’s involvement I’ll swing a trade or let someone else roster him and cuff Gurley. But it’s worth the risk to hold Brown over Hill to me just in case

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Unless of course Ingram for some reason gets ruled out! In which case I’ll roster Hill right away

I agree here. Also, I think the most likely upside scenario for Hill is to have a scenario just like aaron jones last year except Ingram is much better then jamaal Williams.

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