Malcom Brown Trade

What you guys think of this trade

Trade away Crowder and Parker

Receive Malcom Brown and A. Miller?

Crowder basically is the offense, Parker meh.
Rams looked like a true RBBC . Miller is great, but if Patricia doesn’t attempt a 55 yard fg mid 4th qtr with a 10 point lead AND call for a pass on 3rd and long w/ 3 min left on his own 20 Miller wouldn’t have had much of a day.

I would pass, but don’t know your roster.


I would only do this if you really really need RBs. Crowder is the key piece and I like him much more than Miller.

Please realize Brown is only temporary. You’re trading away a solid season long value in Crowder to get a guy that’s only going to be valuable for a few more weeks. I wouldn’t do it. Never overreact to week 1.

Thanks guys. I know I was week 1 tilting lol.

I have CEH, M. Sanders, Leveon Bell, Gibson, C. Edmonds and J. Kelly at RB.

And WR
Moore, Chark, M. Brown, Parker, Crowder, Shepard, and Pittman

I knew he’s most likely gonna he temp but I was worried with Sanders being hurt and Oline looking not to hot. And Bell being on the Jets and hurt lol