Malcom Brown

Not the Gurley owner, can I drop Malcom Brown. I need a WR to start next week since Byes are starting. I’ve held him as the handcuff and the Gurley owner is kinda new to fantasy so he sees no value in Brown so I can’t even try trading him to him.

Same here. Will drop him for sure.

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Brian… is this you?

(Jk, Brian is the Gurley owner in my league)

No not Brian :slight_smile:

Just a guy who thought Gurley might get hurt.

1-2 so need to make a move…

Woah woah, u say 1-2 like it’s a bad thing lol

I needed my opponent this week to have his RB1 & RB2 COMBINE for 8.5fpts (Darwin/Connor) on top of his WR1 going down to injury (TY Hilton) during the game AND Russel Wilson dropping 41fpts for me to win this matchup to get to 1-2

I’m hyped as hell lol