Man My WRs SUCK. Please help!

I’m in a bad situation. I’m in the semi-finals against EASILY the best team in the league, even though I’m projected to win by 4 points.

I listened to the recent podcast on the waiver wire pickups, and ALL OF THE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE GONE. You kidding me?!

Anyways, this is what I’m stuck with… and don’t know what other WR to start.

Stefon Diggs vs CIN (Might be my most annoying receiver this year. This dude is so inconsistent it’s insane. I’m a Bengals fan and they have plenty of injuries, but how can I trust this dude?)

Dez vs OAK (Playing him)

Funchess vs GB (playing him)

Robby Anderson vs NO (I loved this guy, but how can I trust him with a backup QB? I also have NO defense this week).

Amari Cooper vs who cares, he sucks this year

JuJu Schuster vs NE

Doctson vs Washington

Anyone have any DEEP recommendations for the waiver wire? Best one available seems to be Agholor, but Wentz is gone now as well.