Man O Man what a year!

Sitting at 3-4 in my league… back in October and up to week 7 I had lost OBJ due to injury, I drafted Powell in the 4th, Pryor early, Eifert 2 picks before Ertz… however, I also got Theilen, Gurley and Baldwin littered through the first 8 rounds…

Then I moved Gurley for Demarco, Graham and Keenan, then I traded Engram, Martin and Henry for Thompson and Fuller the day that Deshaun tore his ACL. Along the path I acquired Wentz on waivers and he began carrying my team with Theilen and Keenan.

Wentz goes down and Bortles is starting in the semis for me and I squeak by the #1 seed and head into the Championship with the following:

Minny Defense

This league is 12 guys, childhood friends, bragging rights are the most important thing… but $1000.00 is the prize.

I am heading into the 4:30 game tomorrow with my opponent having Nuk and I am up 35. Goes to show the season is not won on draft day. What a season! I hope the Steelers hold Nuk to under 20… being a Clemson Alum I always root for my Tigers, but not tomorrow!

Yeah it’s definitely been an unbelievable and nuts of a season for sure. Can’t decide if I’m more relieved or sad to see it go. I know one thing tho…I’m already plotting for next year!!! :grin:

You know how gurley and kamara were the 2 guys most found on championship game teams this year? Yeah I traded them both away…

Oh wow. That really sucks. I dropped Wentz earlier in the season. Been kicking myself ever since!!! So don’t feel bad. It’s just been such a crazy season, a lot of players seemed to be a bad decision earlier this year…and then BAM!!! They suddenly burst wide open and go crazy…and a lot of us are left crying!!! LOL

BUT…for what it’s worth…I’ve got Kamara. He did good today…but kinda shy of his normal!!! AND…I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needed his “normal”!!! LOL

I am probably getting third unless Carr puts up 40 tomorrow.

Traded gurley for gronk after week 1. That was probably a pretty even trade overall.

But traded kamara and a 3rd rounder for Julio after week 5. That trade probably cost my the championship.

Went 12-1 but blew it in the semifinals by not playing Tyreek Hill.

Well…Tyreek has been such a BOOM OR BUST this year. Betting a lot of people did the same thing. This year has been SOOOO HARD to figure!!! I got lucky by being able to grab Kamara early off WW. His concussion first round of Play Offs in my league is what screwed me. Made it to the Play Offs by the skin of my teeth after starting 0-3. But when Kamara went out with concussion I lost that first round. And in my league that sent me to the WINNERS CONSOLATION LADDER!!! :disappointed: