Manager needed to take over team

Need an active manager to take over dynasty team in tiered ppr, 12 team league. $25 leaguesafe buy-in with optional $5 weekly side pools for high score.


Whats your name on sleeper?


Has this been filled

That team has been filled. However, we have a team that hasn’t paid their dues yet. If they don’t, would you be interested in taking that team and able to pay in your $25 dues within a week?

I can pay now!

Have you already redrafted this year? I also don’t want to screw a guy out of a place if he wants to be and just can’t afford it.

Its dynasty, so no redraft. But we have done the rookie draft. We’re all ready to go except for this one guy. But I have to give him the courtesy of at least giving him the chance before the season starts. But he hasn’t communicated back with anybody yet. So if he isn’t in by season start and you’re interested, you can have his team.

Yeah I’ll take it. Is it a garbage team? Can I see his roster just to plan?

Yeah bro sign me up! So if the dude doesn’t answer by tomorrow do I get in?

Yes. And it doesn’t look like he’s going to answer.

Send over the info if you think he’s out

You’re in. Whats your name on sleeper?

Hey, join my fantasy football league on Sleeper!

There’s the links for the league and for the buy-in