Manager quitting mid-season, Commish needs help

I’m commish in a 14 team 2 keeper league where one manager has decided to quit on me mid-season and I’m not sure what to do with his team moving forward…

He’s 2-7 and out of contention but has upcoming matchups w/ teams that are very much in contention…

As commish, I know I can sort of “take over” his team. If I do that I would just set his lineup based on projections, I would not add/drop anyone. He happens to have Bell on his IR so if Bell came back, I would just leave him on the bench.

That’s one solution, but I’m not sure it’s the best one… please help!


bump please need some help with this!! thanks

well first of all, don’t invite him back to your league next year. I would take over his team and try to be as competitive as possible so its fair to your other league mates

yeah, for sure not inviting him back, no way.

As far as making his team competitive, I don’t think I should be adding/dropping unless absolutely necessary right? I would just be setting his lineup…

Since he owns Bell, what should I do if/when he comes back?

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thats hard to say, I would just put him in the starting lineup and go from there. As far as picking up and dropping players its not your responsibility to make his team any better. Just start players based on projection like you said. I would also communicate with your league mates and see what they would like to do with his team as well.

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Thank you sir! I appreciate it!