Managers Needed For 10 Team Start Up Dynasty

10 Team Start Up Dynasty - Half PPR - 6pt Pass TD - $40/Year

The league will run through Sleeper. Every regular season week, all teams will play two games. One head-to-head game against a random opponent and one game against the league average.

Team Structure - QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/FLEX + 15 Bench + 5 IR + 3 Taxi

League Fees - $40 per year through payment site League Safe.

Draft - Slow Draft - May 8th
The initial start up is combined vets and rookies. You must have your two year fee paid to draft. It’ll start on a 12 hour clock and depending upon how the draft is going the clock will be reduced in the later rounds.

I have a document of the league rules I can send out to those interested. Please leave your sleeper ID and I will reach out to you on the app.

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I’m interested! Sleeper username is eschuler1

I am also interested, my Sleeper username is DoctorAdonis!

I’m interested. Sleeper username is FFTrophyHunter.

I am interested!

sleeper: @daveandacamera

I’d be down. ID: saulbellorojas

I’d be interested. Sleeper ID: TheCruton

Sounds like a good time. I’d like to join. Sleeper ID: CharlieBlueBear

I’m interested
Sleeper is Ramblings

Still looking for managers? Sleeper ID:lxjoans

If you still need anyone @travbob on sleeper.

Do you still need managers? I’m SloopySteve on sleeper

Interested. Sleeper: @gavfelix

@garrettharris12 :muscle:

jks1624 if spots are available

Interested as well. Crazydeeg4

Definitely interested. PirateSteve31

Hey everyone. If you’re looking for dynasty startup I too have one in need of managers.

12 team, .5 PPR, Superflex, TE premium.

Currently the managers and I are voting on what final roster format will be.

Draft will be vets snd rookies combined with 8 hours per pick with a pause at midnight EST and restart at 7:00AM EST.

6 taxi slots. 2 IR slots.

$50 buy in for first two seasons. After first season it’ll be $25 dollars. $5 will be added to the “king pot” each year from everyone’s pay in. If someone wins 3 consecutive championships, they will receive the King Pot and will restart.

Payments will be handled on leaguesafe.

If interested hit me up @bradikal36 on sleeper. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sleeper username: BeerMeWaukee

Hit you up on Sleeper. Let me know if you have spots left. SLEEPER ID: BeerMeWaukee

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