Managing a team question

Wanted to know, how much and how often should one trade. Like are you guys constantly looking to trade as much as possible, or just trade based on needs. How often do you guys trade? I find myself overtrading since I find it fun, but I think its better to just trade on needs.

What do you guys think let me know. I am standing on 16 trades on the season as of right now.

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I trade heavily when possible. I always like seeing what I can upgrade and what it takes to do so. Also, things change week by week so it’s also fun to keep up with values for players and adjust accordingly.

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I’ve made 6 trades this season so far, the rest of league has made 1 trade without me. I try to trade as often as possible when it means an upgrade to my roster. Of my 6 trades only 2 were a 1for1, the others I sent a package of 2+ for a stud to depleted or desperate teams #byepocolpse.

Most of my trade partners’ teams improve or got the win(s) they desperately needed to stay in the hunt, which is very important to me as I want that door to stay open for future business.

I believe in order to win, I need to do more than simply trade based on “need,” I trade based on opportunity.

Now I have what I believe is a super team for a 12 team league(5 bonafide studs at RB&WR and 1 almost stud in JuJu)