Manny for ingram?

10 team standard
I’m looking at the last place team and they are hurting for a rb so I was thinking about throwing Ingram for e. Sanders am I selling to low on ingram?

I’m personally low on Sanders, but I wouldn’t do this. I think Ingram comes back and is a top 15RB on a per game basis. Ingram has played 12 games in a season before and finished as the RB15 on a season long basis. Plus he’s in a great offense and they don’t want Kamara carrying the ball more than like 10 times so Ingram will get like 15 carries a game. Your roster matters here though, so that could make all the difference.

Rb: Collins bell Conner breida penny
Wr: m. Thomas cooper j. Gordon amendola r. Anderson

2 RB 2 WR and a flex? Starting lineups in that format would be either

  1. RBS: Bell/Conner, Ingram, and Collins WRs: M. Thomas and Gordon

  2. RBS: Bell/Conner, Collins WRs: M.Thomas Gordon and Sanders.

I personally like the first one better. Obviously you don’t have ingram for 3 more weeks but that’s not that long

Yeah it is. That’s kinda where I’m at. I dont need the trade just lookin for some higher upside at wr

i would try and throw in one of your wrs and try and get a rb in return, i love sanders this season and will be a top 20 at worst wr this season, ingram is already guaranteed to miss 5 of the first 6 weeks of the season, but should be pretty good when he gets back…if kamara doesnt become an every down back (which i don’t think he will), and if the saints are still playing this bad theyll be throwing a ton more. try and recop an rb in the deal but i would definitely give up ingram for sanders

Yeah I could do that but all he has is Cohen, d. Johnson, hunt and riddick. And I’m so high any of them except hunt but I doubt I’d get him without paying the price being that he’s already hurting at rb