Manny Sanders or John Brown

Sanders will be getting peppered with targets in a game where GB should be ahead. Pack has a solid secondary. Sanders is also getting tons of redzone looks.

Brown also getting peppered with targets against a struggling secondary. Big play upside.

I am of the camp, pretty much always, I don’t buy it until I see it. Sometimes this bites me in the back because I miss out on a productive week waiting to see the breakout, and sometimes it saves me from a guy who is supposed to break out but doesn’t.
I currently have Sanders and am starting Kirk over him. I’d rather start John Brown over Kirk; so, I’d go Brown over Sanders if I were you

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im starting john brown over edelman this week, i love his upside in a game where Josh allen has a big game potential and his go to guy so far has been John Brown.

Pack at home could be a tough matchup, but if denver can get to the redzone, sanders should flourish.

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Same. It’s hard not to over react when I see two good games in a row from a guy who has been a solid WR2 his whole career in Manny. I just have to keep reminding myself of how that Denver offense has looked. Yikes!

Brown it is.

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