Manny Sanders trade

So I have a guy who will trade me Tevin Coleman and Kupp for Manny Sanders… he agreed that we could do it after this week, as Kupp is hurt and Coleman is on a bye.

I consider this because I think Kupp and Sanders will be similar ROS.

Current roster is:



Corey Davis
Antonio Calloway
Larry Fitz

My thought behind it would be that I could package a couple RB cuz ill have multiple serviceable ones and get a WR. Then play Kupp and whoever I can get… thoughts??

I like it, gives you plenty of RB depth and while it leaves you desperately thin at WR until Kupp is back you have the ammo to get one/ personally i’d do it now and use Drake and Coleman to get a WR I would want to keep the other RBs you have, bar Hines who i’m not fussed over.

Also if Sanders gets traded or hurt this deal is off… or his value could change and the deal could be off…

Yeah that was kind of my thought. And Manny is killing it, which allows me to get both those players when I dont think ROS he will be this good.

I am in a must win matchup, and the guy im trading with is in an easy matchup. That is why he said it was fine. So I guess it is a risk not to do the trade now, but I need Manny this week, or Corey Davis will be my WR2… and that is scary

Could you not get a WR in for your matchup this week or do trades not process right away? I don’t hate it as Sanders should be awesome this week given the matchup. Just thinking of the trade if Sanders went down but as long as he doesn’t you’ll be good to go

No we have a two day processioning period unfortunately. If only if only. Lets keep our fingers crossed my Chiefs dont hurt Manny Sanders. Ill be out there Sunday, with the guy im trading him too. So that’ll be fun lol

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Ah okay, same here it’s so annoying can’t wait to convince my league next year to get rid of it… so stupid. haha yeah that’ll be an interesting post game conversation!

My league wont move to any rules I recommend. Like nurfing kickers and defense… nope, they want it old fashioned. Still very fun league, and finally really competitive for the first time this year too, which is nice. But yeah, very stuck in their ways