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Mapping out my rookie draft


What up, Foot Clan!

I have the 5th pick in every round of my dynasty leagues upcoming rookie draft. 10 team.

These are the players I’m thinking I can realistically get:

1st - Mixon, Corey Davis, or Dalvin Cook
2nd - Zay Jones, Joe Williams or Curtis Samuel
3rd - Patrick Mahomes might be reaching a bit here, but I want him.
4th - Chad Williams or Pumphrey (with an Umphrey) Maybe Ryan Switzer if he shows up in preseason. (Huge Cowboys fan over here)
5th - Josh Dobbs
6th - Rico Gathers. Did you see him in the Hall of Fame Game, aka the Backup Bowl? I may just be biased, but I’ve got a good feeling about him.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for the read and any input is much appreciated. Especially if you’ve already drafted and can tell me where some of these guys are going in your league. I think these guys will fall to me. I need qb and rb the most, mine are aging and/or close to retirement.


I’d go Cook in the first then pick up Zay Jones in the second


Especially with Sammy Watkins shipped out of town!

Strongly considering Trubiski after his performance the other night.


If u want Mahomes, you will have to get him early, like your 2nd. He didn’t last that long in my 12 teamer.

Don’t sleep on Kenny Golladay. Might have an impact this year. Nobody knows what’s going on in the Denver backfield, and DeAngelo Henderson should be available late if you want a flyer RB


I’m trying to trade for another pick in the second, so I’d have the 2.05 and 2.07 I’m thinking Zay Jones and Mahomes or Trubiski. I like Mahomes, but Trubiski looked solid. I’ll keep my eye on those 2 you mentioned as well. Where is Kenny G going?


I got him in the 4th round of mine. Like 40 something overall. But he has made some headlines since then, Doubt he goes that late now…