Mariota , Brissett , or stafford

I’m dropping Kirk cousin and keeping Allen Buf who is in concussion protocol . Out of the three Qb’s who should I pick up and keep and why ?

Stafford has a bye this week, so if Allen sits, you need either Mariota or Brissett.
In that case, it’s Brissett and it’s not even close.
Brissett has a bye next week, so he’s sitting then too.
I’d probably lean Brissett here, although it’s personal preference.
Definitely not Mariota and with Allen in protocol, Brissett seems safer.
That KC matchup is nice too!

what about dalton ? he is there but I dont like him personally either just like mariota.

Good lord no on Dalton.
He just lost Ross for 8+ weeks and AJ Green is in no rush to get back.
Brissett all day.

lol thanks i didnt see that ross on my report I just tossed that out there just for fun. Quick question since your on the form. If you had Hopkins who is tilting negative what would you want in return or a perfect package ?

you buying or selling hopkins?

it would depend on roster construction and which way it was going.
If I was trying to buy low, I’d throw out a wr2 & rb2, just as a starting point, but you’ll probably have to bump one of them up to a low end 1.
i personally wouldn’t sell hopkins because you can’t get value back for him.

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yeah people want me to sell but nothing looks good so I can wait.

hold him.
he deandre hopkins for a reason.
if something blows you away take it, but they’re trying to work you over.

yeah tilting is fun but being tilted on the other is not fun haha

true story.
good luck rest of the year!

good luck on the rest of your season as well !

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