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Mariota for Keenan Allen


I need a WR and currently have Prescott, Mariota and Wentz, the guy who is 1st has accepted a trade offer for Keenan Allen for my Mariota.

Just wanted to get feedback, am I doing the right thing?


Yes! And that’s coming from a Titans fan. You’re more than stacked with Dak and Wentz at QB.


That’s a great trade for you. You’re getting an every week starting WR for a QB you probably didn’t even need.


Thanks for the advice


I would be cautious about Allen, he’s getting the targets but his catch rate isn’t high and he hasn’t caught a TD since week1. I would consider him more of a flex based on production


Cheers. I just need some depth, my squad is pretty slim, but I do play the waiver game alot.

Currently have McKinnon, Hunt, Martin, David Johnson (still) and Aaron Jones as my RB options and Diggs, Hilton, Baldwin and Fuller as WR


This is a steal for you.