Mariota or Carr?

Bortles is already taken, standard

Derek Carr all the way. If you click on his player profile you’ll see a steady amount of fantasy points. He’s a solid solid QB and will be better as the team gains chemistry.

I think i might be one of the few but I like Mariota. I have Dalton and Stafford and part of me wants to stream Mariota. I had higher hopes for the titans offense this year, and they really have underwhelmed. But i think Mariota is looking a little better, and the Bills sucks.

I’m just scared it’s honna be a trap game, the bills D/ST has tightened up some

I guess it comes down to how bad you need this win

I think Mariota has the higher ceiling.

Carr has the higher floor

I really wanna get this win, I started out with Tyrod and have been tryna get a serviceable QB

I think Mariota might give you a decent floor as well. He carried the ball 10 times last week for 47 and a TD. Maybe he sees 10 Carries again vs a not so good rushing defense. I, too, am trying to decide to start Mariota. Its him or Russel Wilson.