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Mariota or Palmer? (vs. David Johnson)


.5 PPR and 6 point passing TD league. I have Fitzgerald and I’ve already gotten 4ish points out of Gronk. He had no one in last night’s game, and has a stacked team with Aaron Rodgers, David Johnson, Dez Bryant, etc.

Under other circumstances I would be leaning Mariota, but thinking Palmer could the better choice for week 1 just to offset his advantage. Thoughts?


That’s tough, I think it could be a wash. However, playing it safe with Palmer to hopefully cancel out some possible reception points from Johnson is only going to keep you in it. If you want to beat him you almost have to put your guys up against his. If you were ahead, I would play palmer. If I was behind I would be playing the high risk/ceiling. I think you’re safe with either one though to be honest.


Thanks. I just realized I should have mentioned that I also have Decker in this league, so there is added potential upside from Mariota there.


Yes, Mariota/Decker stack, go all in!